Friday, December 28, 2012

candy wrappers

positively addicting! almost done! crazy 1000 piece puzzle done! puzzle (and some real candy) skybar!  inspired by our puzzle

You guys, this puzzle was so fun and so addicting!  I bought this as a "family" Christmas gift.  When we opened the box and dumped all the pieces on Christmas afternoon, I realized that 1000 pieces is an awful lot and maybe just maybe it would be too hard for us!  But, despite the high number of pieces, this puzzle was pretty doable because it was so fun just to work on one candy wrapper at a time.  Even the 6 year old could help (he loves puzzles--the seven year old not so much--he was way more into the Wii we also got).

Unfortunately, I love candy, and this puzzle reignited a weird fascination with it, especially the vintage aspect of it (lots of vintage candies are included in the puzzle) was so nostalgic for me.  So as a consequence, we've been to not one but two candy stores since we finished the puzzle.  We don't usually do that!  Hopefully it's out of my system for awhile.

We found the puzzle here.  Do you have any favorite puzzles you like to do as a family?  I'd love to hear.


Rain said...

Fun! I have been wanting to do 1000 piece puzzles together with the family but need to wait til our 22 month old is older.
We've always loved Ravensburger puzzles.
I suddenly feel a craving for a Reeses. : )

Sara said...

LOVE that puzzle. PS... love candy too.

Sarah said...

we love puzzling together, too...mostly animal scenes, but candy would be fun, too :)

The Wool Fairy said...

When I was little, we always gave my grandmother a puzzle for Xmas. We'd then spend the next couple of days working on it together at a card table. I might just put this on my list for next year! Love it (:

Melissa said...

I love that puzzle and I may have to get one!