Sunday, December 2, 2012

a christmassy sunday

Getting the advent calendar together! Advent calendar goodies! Done! Wrapped and tied 24 "presents" to the calendar. @faithcarol I missed you for this part! Playing chase at the Christmas tree lot. Last Year's thrifting score is this Year's happy surprise! Tree's up! First reading of "The Trouble with Trolls" this season.

We pushed through and got a LOT of Christmas items checked off today. My natural inclination is to either be lazy on the weekend and just get the basic chores done (laundry, groceries, lunches) or to take the boys for a day trip the beach or museum, but today we focused in and did the advent calendar prep (feels so good to have that done), bought and decorated the tree, made one batch of cookies for the freezer, assembled a quick Christmas mantle, and broke out the Christmas books. Whew! Now I feel like I can "relax" a little (well, not relax really, but I feel like I'm on track for the holidays which is a very good feeling).

I think I'm beginning to get a handle (finally!) on having a mellow holiday and keeping my expectations in check.  I work straight through to the 21st this year.  I know I'm not going to be doing any crafting, making Christmas pillows or jammies or table runners or placemats or what-have-you.  I appreciate knowing that and being 100% okay with it.  Instead, I just want to have the gifts wrapped and under the tree (we've bought most of them already) and the cookies made ahead and frozen and then we'll be good to go. 

I happened to be reading my blog from last December (I was checking to see how I did the mantle last year) and it was a good reminder to see that what is really important to me is the solstice trip with the family and just generally being together.

How about you?  Are you feeling organized for Christmas?  Is getting organized even your goal?  I'm getting minimally organized and beyond that plan to just "show up."  And it will be fun.


Andrea said...

Hey, we read that same book last night as part of our Christmas Book Countdown. We also went to see Scrooge and dis some gift-making. I would love to be organized, but it will never happen! Everything is so busy this year, I think I'm like you and want to just take the time we do have to enjoy our little traditions, but I have a hard time restraining myself when I just want to add more and more to my to-do list (must stay away from Pinterest!). I love that purple owl...I've got to find one for my owl-loving boy.

Sarah said...

I think I've bitten of a wee bit more than I can chew this holiday season - I say season as I have several January birthdays that I am also crafting for...and it is all because I found a pretty spectacular yarn shop. It is absolutely hands down the most lovely space ever, and somehow it makes me feel nostalgic and ready to create anything. So, I've bought a lot and need to get on it! Other than that we're pretty relaxed with our scheduling, just planing activities for the week then the rest will hopefully fall into place :)

Laura said...

I like to be organized, but since my boys are young (7 1/2 and 4 1/2), I find I'd rather spend time with them & enjoy the holiday season, establishing our own holiday traditions. I love making things special & decorating the house to make it feel festive & cozy. I want my boys to remember the holidays with memories of us together as a family.