Sunday, December 30, 2012

2012 in review

January 2012
January :: birthdays
February 2012
February :: crafts
March 2012
March :: homemade toast
April 2012
April :: vacation at Costanoa
May 2012
May :: mother's day
June 2012
June :: beach
July 2012
July :: homegrown fruit
August 2012
August :: swimming
September 2012
September :: afternoon in Santa Barbara
October 2012
October :: birthday boy
November 2012
November :: plane trip
December 2012
December :: cookie

 I put together a little photo-year in review.  It's fun to condense the year this way.  Some nice memories.

Also . . . some things I was liking/loving/obsessed with in 2012:

 :: stripes.  I can never get enough.  I adore them.

:: cornichons and dill pickles.  Yum!  The first three-quarters of the year it was cornichons.  Then I switched to the kosher dills they sell at Trader Joe's.  Highly recommended.  I include these with every packed lunch.

:: roses.  I really embraced roses this year.  I wish we could grow them!  (We always get a few while our neighbors get dozens and dozens and dozens).  How I love a bouquet of home grown roses.  In childhood I didn't think much of them . . .

:: reading books.  I started reading books again--inspired by the ease of having books on my iPad and phone. 

:: magazines on the iPad.  What I love about this is the lack of clutter.  Magazines are such a problem clutter item for me.

:: clutches.  I love this purse shape.  I bought one this year.  In 2013 I'd love to buy another.  (I'm holding my clutch here).

:: solids.  I realized the wardrobe power of solids.  I love them and they always look good (also stripes and checks and plaids).

:: Sarah Carey's Everyday Food videos.  These inspired me in my quest to make healthy dinners.

:: family beach trips.  I'm overcoming my fear of the messy/sandy details and embracing the soul nourishing power of the beach.

:: bangs.  They are fun and youth-ifying.

:: nail polish.  Never gave it much thought before.  Now I love it.

:: EOS lip balm.  The first lip balm I've been consistent about using.  The shape is just so convenient and addicting.

What did you like/love/discover in 2012?


Andrea said...

Lovely! Looks like it's been a wonderful year for you. The last year has gone by at a whirlwind pace. I hope to pause a few moments tomorrow to think it over and look forward to next year.

The Wool Fairy said...

I love your year in review idea! I wish I could get the energy/inspiration to get back to my blog...maybe you have given me a boost.

This was a year of blue cheese for me. It makes everything taste great!

Happy New Year!

Rain said...

Happy New Year! It's been a year of more reading, enjoying my c.s.a., improving my knitting skills and picking up cross stitching. All of which I hope to continue in the new year along with making time for writing.