Sunday, November 4, 2012

sunday morning park trip

park sunday walkway to the bakery Morning at the park with my boys. matching boys seen in the park park snack at the park a little 3191 inspiration in the park

On Sundays typically I hang out with the boys while Ken does other things. This morning we went to the park for a little while and it turned out to be really pleasant. They were wearing matching shirts and they were totally joking that I can't tell them apart now and I'd have to look for secondary clues to tell who is who-- example: Dieter has his front tooth out right now. I love their sense of humor.

It is lovely to have older children who run off and play and I can watch them from a bench. After awhile we crossed the little footbridge and went to get a snack at the bakery just across the street. The boys got "cini-minis" (little cinnamon rolls, although they're not all that small) and milks and I got a plain latte and a whole wheat raisin scone. Confession: I'm pretty sure that scone dough had some sugar in it, and oh it tasted good. It is interesting to me how one's tastes do change when off sugar. Normally I'd be the first to go for a bear claw or a cinnamon roll, but this morning nothing could have tasted better than that whole wheat raisin scone. I like that. I want to be that person--the one who gets excited about and truly enjoys a the heartiest whole-grainiest scone in the store.

I hope you had a good Sunday.  I'm super happy and excited about the 3-day weekend next week.  Hooray!

PS--if you asked me a question on Formspring I just answered two.  Sorry for the slow response!


Andrea said...

What cute boys! I love to see brothers getting along so well! What are you reading/looking at in the last photo?

Mary Beth said...

Hi Andrea. It's back issues of 3191 Qurterly.