Sunday, November 25, 2012


We are at Crushcakes and it is so Christmassy! The most incredible huevos rancheros. Outfit photo by Rainer. Untitled Untitled Untitled IMG_8631 IMG_8625 IMG_8618 2 IMG_8601 IMG_8598

So sorry for falling so behind on my November posting! I was out of town visiting Carrie (and did a few posts) but once I dropped it it was sure hard to pick back up again. It takes discipline to keep the blog going for sure, although I love it.

I had a great break and am not even unhappy about going back to work because it's only 4 more weeks and we get to do vacation all over again.  Hooray!

I'll get back into blogging by simply posting some picture's from today.  We vacationed right through to the end.  I took the little boys to Carpinteria for the afternoon (my key to having a peaceful Sunday day-trip is to have the laundry mostly done, the lunches made ahead and refrigerated for Monday morning, and of course the groceries done and dinner planned and ready to go).

I believe the Sunday after Thanksgiving is a great day for a little day trip--both Crushcakes and the beach were delightfully uncrowded.  Crushcakes was throroughly Christmassy and I was loving it--both the decorations and the music.

Have a good Monday, everyone.  


Sarah said...

it looks like a very relaxing and warm way to end the holiday. Hope your back to school week goes smooth ;)

Andrea said...

Lovely. I'm a little jealous of those beachy pictures.