Tuesday, November 6, 2012

paper correspondence

paper correspondence

Do you ever miss the days of paper and pen correspondence? I do a little. I very much like paper and pretty cards and hand written notes, although I'm the first to admit that I adore faster forms of communication like e-mails and texts. I think they're great. But remember the days of waiting for and receiving a thick letter? That was neat too. A letter can be saved and pulled out again years later.

Currently, I do send an envelope to Faith every month. I always include a little note and a tear sheet from a magazine or catalog and a little sticker. She says she enjoys it. I have a lot of pretty postcards and envelopes and such and I was thinking about it this weekend--I want to use them up! I'd love to send you a little postcard/card and a pretty tear sheet of some sort and maybe a sticker. Just email me if you'd like to receive one. I think it would be fun. Email me this week and I'll mail your envelope over the weekend. Me: saltandchocolate [at] gmail [dot] com.

Above:  a Soulemama postcard purchased a few years ago.  I still have a bunch of them.

PS--we voted!  Funny quote from the night--Dieter said, "Aww, do we have to go vote right now?  I was just about to google squid!"


Beth said...

Oh, fun! I love real mail. E-mailing you now.

Andrea said...

Really? Sounds fun! I'm in.

Sarah said...

just found this lovely post too...emailing soon ;)