Monday, November 5, 2012

christmas sewing already!

christmas sewing christmas sewing christmas sewing christmas sewing

I'm so happy to have gotten started on a bit sewing for Christmas giving. I'm making little stacks of "dinner white cloths" for people. These are excellent for giving because they are quick to sew, and if the recipients don't want to use them as informal dinner napkins they also make great towels for drying dishes.

I'm normally not inspired to start so early on Christmas presents, but Ken reminded me that our weekends in November are filling up very fast,  so last Saturday was my first and best chance for getting a chunk of sewing done.  He took the kids so I could accomplish these.

I'm so happy to have a good start on Christmas.  When the holidays finally come, I want to be super organized and "done" with everything, then just bake, eat cookies, play games with the family, and read holiday books to my little ones.  My mind is already humming with ideas for New Year's Eve.  That's how far ahead I am thinking.

A big thanks to Ken for helping me get started on these!


Andrea said...

Oh, you are so on top of things! I have a few little ideas floating around in my head, but haven't gotten much traction yet.

Andréann said...

I've officially started Yule crafting yesterday too! And there's so much to be done!

Sarah said...

I have officially been a slacker blog follower and just saw these missed post...we love using cloth, and actually only use cloth in our house. It actually can be a bit of an issue when we're out and there is only paper available, same for our boys little noses - they're only into using cloth! These look super easy and cute to make, may have to do a few for the fam to try them out first ;)