Saturday, November 3, 2012

date night saturday

skinny marga-tini Date night. date meal view from Eric Erikson's sunset

I've decided to post each day in November. It will be a fun challenge, and I've been looking for things to perk me up and brighten my mood.   Normally blogging does perk me up, so I'm trying it.

Ken and I went out to dinner tonight.  Sometimes our "dates" are a simple trip to Costco and a burrito at Chipotle, but lately I've been wanting more "datey" venues.  We headed to Eric Ericsson's on the pier.  Literally, it was 4:44 when we set out for dinner.  I totally love that.  It's funny to be out so early, so good for a laugh, but also so nice to go at that time when it is quiet and uncrowded and the light is so beautiful.  I ordered a "skinny marga-tini" and it was delish.  The waitress said it is made with fresh juice instead of sweet/sour mix so kind of tart (but I didn't really find it tart, just pleasantly natural tasting).  We stepped out on the pier after dinner and watched the sun slip down.  I'm feeling lucky to be living here where we can see the ocean quite regularly.

My parents watched the boys and they ate homemade mac and cheese and watched Wild Kratts on the DVR--so fun was had by all.


Sarah said...

sounds lovely - TJ and I had a first date in almost a year on friday, it was wonderful to just be together (semi exhausted after a night of emergency site changeS, but well worth it!!!)
I look forward to your month of posting.

catie said...

there's nothing worse than a fake-y tasting drink.
sounds like yours was perfect.

so glad you upped the date factor so you could include curls, clutch, & wedges ♥

nicole said...

i love your date night outfit...and the view out the window. bravo for making date mights part of your life.

Jane said...

the bold colour really flatters you lovely figure, I cannot quite pull that off as I'm still on my diet but getting there. My and my hubby are going on a date night on Friday but I am going to have to watch the calories. It will be nice to dress up together though and go and have some fun.

Fingers crossed we have a lovely evening like you guys had.

Karen said...

i love your outfit, you look great!