Monday, November 12, 2012


317 :: at Crushcakes Biscotti (latergram).

The kids and I were in Santa Barbara today and I had the most delicious biscotti.* The cashier told me it was a coconut biscotti. It didn't taste overtly coconutty--just crunchy and flavorful and delish.

It gave me an idea--wouldn't biscotti be such a lovely holiday gift? It's meant to be hard and crunchy so there would not be as much concern with having be at the peak of freshness like with a softer cookie. And, I think, a dry, minimally sweet biscotti would be such a nice counterpoint to the super-sweet goodies that normally go around at Christmas.

Now I'm totally excited to research it and look up recipes. I remember Angry Chicken posting a biscotti recipe awhile back that she said she loved. I'll look that up first. I also have a number of cookbooks with pretty biscottis. The only time I've tried to make it was years ago (Jacob was a baby--so 20+ years ago) and that time they crumbled and fell apart and were a huge disappointment. I think enough time has passed that I'm ready to try again. ;)

Have you ever made biscotti? How did it turn out?

*My no-sugar experiment is winding down. I'll report my impressions later this week. I've learned a lot.


Karen said...

I've done biscotti as Christmas gifts before--packaged in pretty cellophane bags placed in an expensive coffee mug. They were cute and people seemed to like them.

Anonymous said...

I've made this one over and over:

I get asked for the recipe constantly too. It's super good.

Martha said...

My favorite biscotti recipe is from Cooking Light magazine and is called Coconut Biscotti. I make them every year for Christmas presents. Sometime I dunk one size of the biscotti in a dark chocolate, glaze. They are really good! Recipe can be found here: