Sunday, October 7, 2012

scenes from a fallish weekend

279/366 :: store window SB natural hx museum at crushcakes park in summerland 280/366 :: beach in summerland 281/366 :: sunday morning games

Things are still super hectic and busy for me, but I'm managing to hold it all together and I even had some time at home today, which helped a lot. There's no doubt I'm working harder and longer this year and it feels sometimes like I have very little energy leftover for my home and family life. Hopefully things will smooth out pretty soon and I won't feel so much that way. Family and domestic life are so important to me. Working is important too. I just want to feel more balanced. And I want to feel like I'm doing a good job at all of it.  Sigh.

On Saturday Dieter and I went to the Natural History Museum in SB (one of our favorite places) and since it was just him and me this time we went through more slowly and I got to hear more of his thoughts on stuff, which was great. Then we met up with Ken and Rainer for lunch then stopped at a new (to us) park in Summerland on the way home (Lookout Park--take exit 91 on the 101/Ventura freeway). We were loving that little park and its beach but discovered the downside at the end--the bottoms of our feet were thoroughly stained with tar! Not just a little--our soles pretty well covered. Fortunately, we now know how to get it off. Use sunscreen and an old cloth. We won't let a little beach tar interfere with our fun.

On Sunday Ken went to a meet and the boys and I stayed home and played games, ran a few errands, and made a fallish meal. It was SO needed by me and really got me feeling a bit more centered. 

Have a good week, everyone.  I hope I'll blog a bit more this week, but who knows?


Sarah said...

Have a great week, too. It hasn't felt like we've hit our rhythm here either and I am not working outside of the house at the moment but regardless it's hectic, I can't imagine throwing another thing into the mix. We actually are dealing with our first stomach bug of the year, seems soon, but maybe that means it's over and done with for a while...only one trip to urgent care so far, hoping that's it.
Anyhow, have a lovely week - enjoy the little moments and know you're doing a great job at work and at home, you don't need perfection just do what you can wherever you are :)

tamlovesran said...

Beautiful Photos! Hope you find your balance soon. I need to find mine too!

nicole said...

looks like a perfect weekend.

Jennifer said...

I've never stopped in Summerland save for one trip to the Big Yellow House 20 years ago, but it always looks so enticing as I zip past it on the freeway.

Karen said...

I am just like you. I struggle with wanting to be a SAHM (no kids yet, but in a year or two...) and working full-time as I do now (Montessori teacher). I do not think some humans were meant for the grindy 40-hour week. I am just really cooked by Friday. I am a strong, strong believer in four-day school weeks and areal three days of rest per week. Alas, 'tis not the way of our society to be gentle and soft and slow. I've had a harder time than ever with the transition to fall busy-ness this year. I'm not sure how I'd financially swing being home ... but I'd like to, someday. I feel you. Lovely pics, as always MB!