Wednesday, October 17, 2012

scenes from the weekend

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Happy Wednesday!

It's awesome that we're halfway to the weekend already. Hooray! Here are some scenes from the last one:

1.  Donna and I met for happy hour after work on Friday at Whale's Tail in Oxnard.  In the cool air conditioning and overlooking the harbor, it was a great start to the weekend!
2.  We found a few crunchy leaves to walk through.
3.  Sunday walk.
4.  Picnic in the park.
5.  New Rainbows.  Found them on huge sale at J. Crew on Saturday.  They are not as hard to break in as I had been warned.
6.  An easy picnic.
7.  Frog Juice.  The boys can play on their own now.


Tammie said...

frog juice! such a good one. sleeping queens is another fun one.

Sarah said...

I spot sunshine! Love knowing that you're soaking up some fun outdoors with your little :)

jared lecouteur said...

i love the grainy feel your camera gives in your photos :) you should go on a chocolate themed cruise
i reckon you will love it :)