Tuesday, September 4, 2012


september inspiration board september inspiration board faith gnome merry-go-round 248/366 :: evening playground evening playground

We finally made it to September! The transition from not-working to working has been especially difficult this year. I've been dreading going back to work. I'm usually totally fine with it, even happy, but this year my circumstances have changed--due to some unhappy lay-offs in my district--so I really don't know how things are going to go. Plus, I'm starting at a new school this year, so that is new and different and scary too. But so far so good. Today was our first official day back (with students and all) and it went fine and now we are off and running. Hooray! It feels good to just go ahead and start.

Some bits and pieces from recently:

1 and 2.  September inspiration board in my studio.  I love doing these boards.
3.  Happy Faith (we had cheese fondue over the long weekend.  Yum!)
4.   Gnomey merry-go-round.  Playing blocks and gnomes with the boys is so soothing in times of stress (seriously!).
5 and 6.  Evening playground.  We went out for pizza to celebrate my first day back and played in the park after. 

Happy September to you!

An amazing inspiring post by Lisa Leonard. 
Cute scarf idea.  Can't wait til the weather is cool enough for this look.


Rain said...

Nice to 'hear' from you again. Sorry about all the school stress. Lots of lay-offs here in NY too. My hubby lost his job of 4 years but thankfully landed another (in a better school district).
I enjoy your inspiration boards.


Neha said...

Good to see you here after a long time. Hope you feel better soon. Take care

flying tortilla said...

Your inspiration boards are inspiring me! Good luck with your new school and new school year. I hope it works out well.