Sunday, September 30, 2012

scenes from the weekend

equinox tea equinox tea equinox tea ty warner sea center santa barbara snack santa barbara santa barbara sitting on the whale's tail bench

How was your weekend?? On Saturday we welcomed fall with our little Equiox tea. I'm trying to lighten up these teas and make them easier. I putting the boys in charge of cucumber sandwiches (Dieter did great cutting cucumbers on the mandoline and spreading mayonnaise on bread) and Rainer and I made blondies using a mix from Trader Joe's (I don't usually use a lot of baking mixes but these were so easy to mix up and they tasted delicious! I'll probably try some of their other baking mixes from now on). On late Saturday I got my hair colored and went just a tiny bit darker blonde (I really like it).

The boys and I went on a little outing in Santa Barbara on Sunday--we hit both the Ty Warner Sea Center and the SB Museum of Art. So fun--and I was really proud of the boys for being such good sports about the art museum. Luckily there was something interesting for them to do. There were 5 "video portraits" placed randomly around the museum (by artist Brian Bress, an LA artist). It was fun to hunt around and try to locate them all.  Maybe the best part of the day was blissing out, watching the turtles in the fountain at La Arcada.  The boys turned all mellow and didn't fight or bicker for several minutes.  We just parked ourselves for awhile.  The turtles are so beautiful and compelling.  We also enjoyed some baked goods and the the boys ordered milk there.  I enjoy our Sunday mama-and-little-boy outings. 

Tomorrow starts October and another full week.  Happy October!

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ihr lest ein deutschsprachiges buch? sprichst du deutsch? jetzt bin ich neugierig :)