Sunday, August 26, 2012

sugar cookie bars

229/366 :: Sugar cookie bar
I made sugar cookie bars for Dieter's Kindermusik recital which was a week or so ago.

I had pinned this recipe a long-ish time ago but just got around to making it. I love having the opportunity to share a sweet recipe and not have a lot of leftovers hanging around.   These were good. The base is a crunchy bar, not too sweet, and the frosting is very sweet and quite nice (if you are in the mood for frosting).  I love how festive these look with the sprinkles.

Some notes . . .
:: the recipe makes a huge batch.  I halved it and still had an entire 9x13" pan.
:: the frosting calls for shortening, but I used all butter.
:: I baked these until they were slightlly colored on the top, but next time I will try underbaking them just a bit for a less crunchy bar.
:: this is ultimately a plain cookie but just what is needed, I think, for a festive potluck.

You can find the recipe here

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Neha said...

Going to try this one next week! Thanks for sharing!