Monday, August 6, 2012

new clothes from tea

new clothes (tea collection) ice cream and wearing their new outfits tuesday 8/1
I decided to try some clothes from Tea for the boys. I really like their current catalog but mostly I decided to try Tea right now because Rainer has been going through a picky phase and I wanted to try their soft knit pants for him.  He doesn't like anything with big inside pockets or  flaps to annoy him.   I am happy with everything so far. In the photos he is wearing the denim-look knit pants and he loves them. I also got him the cargo knit pants.  I love all the shirts in the catalog right now.  The boys picked the designs they liked.

I can never convince the boys to pick clothes based on my taste alone--they always have their own taste and opinions so I let them pick what they like.  How about you?


Rain said...

My boys don't usually care too much what they wear. Unlike my daughters. I've gotten the tea catalog and like there stuff a lot. But lets talk about those fabulous yellow shorts you're wearing!

nicole said...

i love TEA...but my kiddos don't seem to like anything i like these days...ah the life of 9 & 10 year olds!

Tammie said...

i love tea and buy some of my daughters dresses there. other favorites are mini boden and olive juice.

my son is 14 and hates everything i like. i think its a rule or something. if mom likes it, it must be dorky. my daughter is 7 and couldnt care less what she wears, which means i get to buy everything i love. :)

Mary Beth said...

Rain--ha! Thanks. The yellow shorts are from J. Crew--they were majorly on sale!

Nicole--I can relate--even though mine are so young.

Tammie--you are super lucky with the 7 y.o. girl--oh, to dress a girl in anything you like!

Christina Weedon said...

Ah, TEA. We adore TEA! I love how their stuff wears and washes, and love the 'heavy' quality of their tee's. I also love to shop the clearance section on their site ;)