Tuesday, August 14, 2012

a day in santa barbara

225/366 :: Crushcakes at kids world park in sb rainer playing at kids world crushcakes peace cakes falling off the pier! faith and rainer--best hair me in sb--outfit at the ty warner sea center in sb jellies touching pool touching pool sb--ty warner sea center on the pier

On Sunday Jacob, Faith, Dieter and Rainer set out for Santa Barbara* for a simple day trip. It's always so fun when I have my big kids and little kids all together. It makes me smile for sure.

We had a great time visiting the Ty Warner Sea Center (we get in free with our Natural History Museum membership--so we can go and stay as long or short as we want. It's always fun). It is small, but my kids are really into it. Right now there is a sea jelly display. We also went for lunch at Crushcakes (I had this) and to play at Kids World.  It's late summer and we are soaking up all the fun that we can get!

*(It's certainly our go-to place for a fun day trip.  Basically, Santa Barbara is just perfection).

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