Friday, July 20, 2012

soup in summer

soup for dinner

What do you guys think about eating soup in the summertime? I think soup is a comforting and simple meal (and healthy too) and I like eating it, even in summer.  Usually, Wednesday is our night for soup.

This was a few weeks ago--our first zucchini soup of the season. Especially notable: Rainer cut all the zucchini into chunks all by himself and he was thrilled. He loves to help in the kitchen and I love having him there.

Also made:  our favorite cornbread.  


Joy said...

I hesitate to make soup in the summer very much because it seems like such a winter meal. I did, however, make fresh tomato basil soup this week in my crock pot since we were going to be out for most of the day, and I had plenty of tomatoes and basil from the garden. :)

Maiz Connolly said...

Soup in the summer is perfect for an after-swim dinner!

Tammie said...

i was just thinking about this yesterday.

i tend to think of soup as a fall/winter dish, but yesterday i was feeling kind of tired and rundown and all i could think of eating was a big bowl of bean and spinach soup.

and to go along with maiz's comment: walking home from the pool the other day, my daughter said to me, "you know what i like to eat after swimming, SOUP!"

amala said...

i like dhals - indian soups with spices like cardamom, cloves, garlic, cumin, ... - best in summer. frist they warm you, but then they chill you.

Sarah said...

I love soup all year round :) I just found a great recipe for tortellini vegetable soup and was so happy. I wish my boys were more into soup, but right now it just doesn't seem filling enough for them. I'll have to try that cornbread recipe, looks delicious.