Thursday, July 19, 2012

recent thrifting finds

thrifted thrifted thrifted thrifted thrifted

I hardly get a chance to thrift anymore, but it is still so fun to pop in and see what one may find. I scored all these awesome kitcheny items few weeks ago and I love them. The pepper mill is my favorite--I've been wanting a pepper mill for so long, but was resisting purchasing one for some reason. Also, those tongs are great. (The wooden ones are fun and the metal ones are super practical--love!). And the colander--so pretty and vintage looking. Honestly, it seems like someone either died or did a major kitchen clean-out of good and useful stuff. What have you thrifted recently??


Denise said...

oh, I really like the colander - all great finds!

M. Meyers said...

I have that same wicker bowl! I love the handle. Great finds!

Jason said...

I thrifted a little Buddah :)