Monday, July 9, 2012

hello Monday!

swim lessons session 2 dieter at the habit in Crushcakes, SB making a necklace for Carrie silly boys with magic wands
Hello Monday!
Hello Carrie visiting this week (I'm driving to Burbank this morning to pick her up)!
Hello swim lessons and Lego Camp for the boys (we're going to be super busy running them around this week).
Hello Faith turning 19 this week.   I can't believe she is getting so old so fast!
Hello seeing Brave and going out for lunch afterwards (it was a little too scary for Rainer, but Dieter and I made it through.  So sweet!).
Hello making a bead necklace for Carrie (totally Rainer's idea).
Hello summer ice pops and researching new recipes.
Hello little boys with magic wands and playing "Hogwarts" all the time.
Hello running around the elementary school track (I'm a super wimpy exercises but somehow running around that little track while my kids play on the playground feels like something I can handle).
Hello eating outdoors every night.
Hello birthday cake (I have a special one planned for Faith).
Hello feeling thankful for my family and circumstances.
Hello trying to remember to be awesome.*
Hello hitting our mid-summer stride.

Hello new week--you promise to be busy and crazy and heartfelt.

What are you saying hello to this morning?

I am linking up with Lisa again for Hello Monday.  Lisa has been extra inspiring these last few weeks--go scroll through if you have never visited.

*by which I mean, always adjusting my attitude towards kindness, positivity, and love.


Sarah said...

being awesome is tough :) I hope you have a great visit with your friend and thank you for introducing me to "Hello Monday" it is a wonderful way to set a vision for the week :)

Rain said...

Your week looks like a good one. Enjoy your visit.
As for me-
Hello start of swim lessons.
Hello husband coming home this week after a visit home to London-I've missed you.
Hello cooler weather, but we REALLY need some rain.
Hello c.s.a. pickup I can't wait to see what we get this week.
Hello iced coffee with my cuppow to go.
Hello catalogs to plan the new school year.
Blessings Mary Beth!

nicole said...

happy week to you and yours.

Carrie said...

I love my necklace!

Carrie said...

I love my necklace!

hsing3kinder said...

I haven't done my Hello MOnday post yet ~ I've got three hours left, better get going!!
And can I just say I **Love** that SuN?!
Details please ~ soooo pretty!!
Kristin (hsign3kinder)

Mary Beth said...

Kristin--the wooden sun is some artwork on the wall at Crushcakes (we went to Santa Barbara last week). Pretty, huh?