Wednesday, July 4, 2012

a happy fourth!

at green thumb at green thumb at green thumb at green thumb at green thumb at green thumb at green thumb at green thumb rose fruit kabobs fruit kabob homemade with his 4th of July popsicle

Here are just a few scenes from our Fourth of July.

 Not pictured:
:: local 4th of July parade (very small town),
:: a trip to Barnes and Noble,
:: Ken taking the boys to see fireworks at the high school.

:: a trip to Green Thumb nursery (those lawn statues are highly weird, aren't they?)
:: and fun kid-involved projects:
::  ice pops from this month's issue of Everyday Food (very successful)
:: and Pinterest inspired fourth of July fruit kabobs. Nice, huh? Together on the platter they are supposed to look like a flag (see here for reference).  Dieter did these with me and it was festive and fun. 

Hope you holiday was great!


The Wool Fairy said...

The fruit pops look great! I'm thinking of moving beyond my regular orange juice or grape juice in ice cube trays. What do you use for molds? I like the shape of them.

That bag looks great with your red dress!! (:

Mary Beth said...

Wool Fairy -- we use plastic Popsicle molds that we bought locally. I'll pop over to Amazon and see if I can find them or similar.

Mary Beth said...

Ok, there are tons of fun options. Almost wish I were buying again!