Wednesday, June 27, 2012

outfit project

monday 6/25

I love seeing outfits other bloggers are putting together.  Some of my favorite sites for outfit inspiration are . . .

Lisa's blog (she posts a few outfits a week--her style is so fun and fresh/feminine)
Kendi--lovely preppy style with pops of color.
Girl and Closet--I just found her recently.  She is Canadian and super adorable.
Merrick's Art--I love her posts on re-mixing certain pieces.  Very inspiring.
The Daybook--check the archives for tons of great outfits.

I've learned so much from reading these blogs.  I've been wanting to do a little outfit project of my own and summer is the perfect time for me.  I'm going to try to post an outfit every day this summer over on my Flickr site.  I'm challenging myself to mix things up a bit and to not keep repeating my favorite outfits over and over.  It's fun!  If you'd like to follow along, my outfit set is here


Gabi said...

Love your idea! I was just on my way to Pinterest to get some inspiration for new outfits and was just stopping by... I like your outfits very much, you look casual and chic at the same time, very inspirational. Now I need some Californian wheather here in Germany to wear those summer dresses ;-)

Mary Beth said...

Thanks for the kind words, Gabi. I too love Pinterest for outfit inspiration! So much good stuff over there. And I do hope the weather warms up soon in Germany. :)

Rain said...

Cute! I love your belts. And those red sandals! Who makes them?

Jennifer said...

I love this! I really like your sense of style. You look great! Very hip! I love the touch of brown with the black and white stripes and the pops of color like the red shoes. You have some fabulous belts that really tie the whole outfit together.

Mary Beth said...

Rain-- sorry for the delay. I finally figured out that I can find the source for the sandals by just reading the label inside them (duh! I was having trouble remembering the source). Anyway, they are Funkis. Find the website here:

Jennifer--thank you so much! You're sweet.

Rain said...

Thanks Mary Beth!