Tuesday, June 26, 2012

giant marilyn monroe statue in palm springs -- do or don't? *plus* palm springs tips

giant Marilyn Monroe giant Marilyn Monroe Marilyn Monroe huge statue in Palm Springs, CA

When Ken and I visited Palm Springs last week I was shocked to see this huge Marilyn Monroe statue on the main drag. It is truly giant (apparently 26 feet tall). Turns out, Marilyn is only visiting for a year (she started out in Chicago). According to the info at the site of the statue, Marilyn had some specific Palm Springs connections, including owning a home there. I found an article about the statue here. The artist is Seward Johnson.

So what do you think?  I can see why she might be controversial, but I prefer to see the beauty and wonder of things, and this statue really is magnificent, especially set against the dramatic desert hills.  I found it quite breathtaking.  Her face is very lifelike.  And she certainly was attracting a lot of attention!  Everyone was taking photos and posing with her.  She'll be on display until next summer.

Okay, here are some little tips I put together for Palm Springs--mostly notes to myself in case we get to go again:
:: Palm Springs is hot and it's casual.  I brought a lot of wedges and heels, but nothing felt right except flip flops.  I think it's fun to pair a nice dress with flip flops--feels free and unfussy.
:: indoor air conditioning is freezing!!  A denim jacket is a must for indoors (sadly, I didn't take mine along).  I had a tiny thin cardigan, but that didn't cut it.  (Also, as an aside, Kendi styled a maxi with a denim vest so cutely here.  Now a denim vest is on my wishlist). 
:: I tied on a wrap-skirt over my swimsuit for walking out to the pool, but it would be fun to have a sheer cover-up.  (Something like this, perhaps?)
:: and lastly, I recommend getting a pedicure before you go.  I'm still sporting the pedicure I got when Carrie was last here and was glad I had it--feet are widely on display in Palm Springs.


LorenaT said...

I have enjoyed following your blog for a while, thank you for sharing a little of your life with us. I got this picture on facebook a couple of days ago thru our local museum. Just thought I share with you.


Mary Beth said...

LorenaT-- that photo is adorable! Thanks for sharing it. And I am glad you're enjoying the blog. :)

nicole said...

i think i need to see that statue!