Monday, April 16, 2012

scenes from our weekend

boys with flower crowns
We loved our weekend. On Saturday we attended the Scandinavian Festival in Thousand Oaks--me, my mom, and the little boys all went. We felt like we barely scratched the surface--there was so much to see and do--lectures, music, dances and things. But since we had the boys with us, we focused more on the kid activities, and there were a lot of them. The whole scene was really organized and not very crowded at all. For most of the crafts we walked right up and only had to wait a minute or two for our turn.

cork moose
They made these cork mooses, flower crowns, braided Norwegian whipcords, and sanded wooden butter knives. It was all so fun.

norwegian pancakes
Scandinavian pancakes with lingonberry.

Clogs for sale.

dala horses
Dala horses.

scandinavian linens
Scandinavian cloths.

scandinavian weaving
Scandinavian weaving.

norwegian whipcord + flower crown
Dieter wove his Norwegian whipcord into his flower crown.

with a viking
With a Viking.

my mom
My mom.

106/366 :: masters swim meet
On Sunday we went with Ken to day #2 of his Masters swim meet. Loved it! It was so inspiring to be amongst all the swimmers. Swimmers are neat people. Masters swimming is for adults, and there were all ages from young people in their twenties all the way to swimmers in the 75+ age group. Cool, huh?

Here they are lining up before one of the races. I loved getting to see Ken compete. He did really well, too. Especially considering that this was his first meet in almost 30 years!

ken swimming

what the boys did during the swim meet
The boys were really good. They watched some and played some. I loved this experience. I hope we get to do it again soon.


Rain said...

What fun! You had me at the Dala horses and clogs. : )

Kelly said...

I love all the beautiful images from the Scandinavian festival. My husband is full blooded Scandinavian and I love learning about the culture so much and have totally accepted as my own now. It's hard not to love the beautiful colors, the hearts, the dala horses. Simple beauty at it's best. A lovely weekend for you!

Chelsey said...

That looks so fun! Definitely looks like some good memories were made!

Heather said...

Wow, that looks like a really fun weekend!

saraelise said...

It looks like a perfect weekend! I love all the clogs and dal a horses!!