Monday, April 9, 2012

hello monday! {linking up with lisa}

I'm linking up with Lisa for Hello Monday again today.

Hello Monday!
Hello back to work and school (I really don't mind it, but I admit to having a bit of "end of vacation" blues).
Hello commute and a full iPod (I have a week's worth of podcasts built up, since I wasn't commuting at all last week. Love having a stockpile!).

we went for a swim at the club
Hello warm temps and swimming.
Hello dreaming of summer and how we'll spend it (a quiet summer at home I hope).
Hello rain in the forecast.
kid art
Hello kid art all over the house.
Hello messy house.
Hello looking forward to getting back to my routines, including a bit of cleaning.

98/366 :: bunny cookie
Hello Easter.
Hello nice meal with family.
Hello too many sweets and candy.
Hello little boys playing Lego with their uncle James.

99/366 :: easter egg hunt
Hello egg hunt.
Hello tears that always seem to result (honestly? Next year I'll give them separate hunts. We'll see how that goes).
Hello mended feelings and playing with toys from their baskets.

I'm getting excited to get back to school, work, and normal routines. How about you? I'm especially hoping to get back into blogging more regularly again because I find it works wonders for my mood and happiness. So hopefully I'll be back soon and report a bit more from our Easter.


Alyson @Eisley Rae said...

Adorable pics. Looks like a nice week off. I hear ya on getting back to the normal schedule! Happy Monday!

Anna said...

I'm a fellow commuter/podcast listener. LOVE the feeling of plugging in a iPod full of new RadioLab and This American Life. What are your favorites?

Sarah said...

Welcome back. I've grown accustomed to your little posts, and have been missing them. Hope you had a nice Easter.

Mary Beth said...

Anna--I love Radio Lab and TAL too. Also, I'm addicted to "most e-mailed stories" from NPR and Planet Money. Love! Also, The Simple Mom podcast can be fun from time to time.

alicia said...

We do color-coded Easter egg hunts to help avoid the tears and frustration!