Monday, April 9, 2012

easter baskets and etc.

easter basket loot
I adore putting together collections of little gifts--Easter baskets, Christmas stockings, party favor bags*, and the like. Here are my selections for this year (they turned out to be fairly color coded for each boy: Rainer's grouping is mostly oranges and reds). Included are a wee bit of chocolate (and some jelly beans scattered loose in the basket), a card game, a wooden top, a water pistol, 2 balloons, a ball, a pencil sharpener, and a set of Think-ets.

easter basket loot
Here is Dieter's set of toys, in blues and greens.

The water pistols were the big hit of Easter, followed closely by the Think-ets. We played those card games tonight and the graphics are great.

I hid the baskets behind the tangerine tree on Easter morning. The boys have to hunt around the yard to find their baskets.

stealing a jelly bean from his brother
{stealing a jelly bean from his brother}

bunny cookies
In other Easter news: the morning of the Easter eve was set aside for projects: making bunny cookies (and other spring shapes) . . .

egg dye
and dying eggs, of course. We kept it really simple with store bought dyes.

easter eggs
I think these turned out great and it's amazing how much fun can be had with simple techniques.

easter smorgasbord
Here is the Easter lunch at my parents' house. This lovely smorgasboard reminded me so much of this. I was quite pleased that we were apparently having a Swedish Easter meal.

easter smorgasbord

bunny cake
My mom makes this bunny cake every year--the children remember it from year to year and insist upon it. Great with a cup of coffee on Easter afternoon.

my mom and me on easter
{me and my mom}

james and lori
{my brother James and his girlfriend Lori}

*I don't actually do party favor bags anymore, but for many years, when Jacob and Faith were growing up, I did and I loved it.


Tammie said...

love your easter baskets. as an independent toy store worker i need to commend your eeboo and thinkets choices. BRAVO! such good toy choices.

and your easter lunch looks amazing. nom nom nom.

Mary Beth said...

Tammie--thank you! I bought all of this at locally owned stores and one art museum gift shop (that is where the wooden tops came from). It really was fun pulling this together and nothing came from Target or Wal-Mart or the like.