Wednesday, March 28, 2012

happy spring equinox!

equinox tea

We had our spring equinox tea on Sunday. It was an incredibly rainy and gloomy day, ironically. So wintery, when we hardly have any winter here at all (especially not rain). Oh well, it was cozy, I suppose, and by the time we got the meal together the sun was beginning to break through again. We were so happy to have Faith join us, but missed Jacob and Ben terribly. I made our typical "tea" food--quiche and so forth. The children adore cucumber sandwiches and could never dream of a tea without them.

asparagus quiche
{I thought the asparagus quiche turned out so pretty!}

Every time we have one of these teas I think about scaling it back to just making cookies and a pot of tea. I'm not used to making a meal with so many separate dishes (other than these teas, of course) and I always find it stressful to do so (for dinners I'm a main dish and a salad girl, or main dish and fresh fruit). So maybe next time we'll just have tea and cookies and call it a day. We'll see. I always think that.

cucmber sandwiches
{the children's favorite}


{the shortbread from River Cottage}

We liked this shortbread very much, but I'm dying to find a shortbread recipe for roll and cut cookies with a nice defined edge. Please feel free to link to your favorite shortbread recipe if you have one.


Rain said...

Looks yummy especially that quiche!
Do you use butter or cream cheese for your cucumber sandwiches?
Happy Spring!

eidolons said...

I make the above cookies for the knitting ladies on Friday nights. They *adore* them. I always cut back on the sugar, though.

paula @ podandthreepeas said...

i love the river cottage, we are currently rewatching series one, this is the shortbread recipe i always use :

Heather said...

Looks like you all spent the perfect spring day celebrating. Enjoy the season.