Wednesday, February 22, 2012

a yummy meal

a good meal
We had such a nice meal a few nights ago--I wanted to share here. I tried the beef/barley/mushroom/kale soup from the current issue of 3191 quarterly. I'm always on the lookout for a new soup and this one was excellent. I'm so happy when a new recipe works out (bonus: I had a half a pound of ground beef leftover in the freezer which is exactly what the recipe called for. Love that).

bread in 5 minutes a day
And . . . I also have been wanting to get into breadmaking (a bit) again. I'd kind of given up for awhile because I work freaking full time and, you know, it's unrealistic to think I'm going to make all our own bread. I won't do that, but somehow I was motivated to pull out my copy of Artisan Breads in 5 Minutes a Day and try the wheat sandwich bread. Rainer and I mixed this up on Sunday and chilled it overnight. It was easy to bake up on the Monday holiday and a nice thing to take on our picnic and to have as toast with the soup for dinner (I baked all 3 loaves at once). So if you have the book, I highly recommend pulling out out again.


Bec said...

That meal does look delicious! I love a good soup and hot buttered homemade bread for that matter too :)

Rain said...

I love beef & barley soup. And thanks to you I will pull that book out again.

Susan said...

Ooo, I haven't had the chance to look through my 3191 quarterly yet and am happy to read your positive review. We are soup people too. I have everything but mushrooms so I think I will dash out to the store and make it for dinner tonight.

Corey said...

The bread and soup look delicious. One idea for a quick bread to go with soups and salads is beer soup. It tastes like bread, but is made more like a quick bread and it doesn't need time to rise. Here is an easy recipe. It's quick enough to make after work or after dinner for the next night.
I really like reading your blog!

Anonymous said...

That does look yummy...Thanks for the tip on chilling the bread and baking it another day.. :)

Mary Beth said...

Corey--thanks! I'll have to check that out.