Wednesday, February 1, 2012

my favorite thing about "breaking dawn"

In truth, I'm not a huge Twilight fan. I've never read the books, but Ken and I did watch the movies over winter break and I enjoyed them. I wanted to see Breaking Dawn as well, out of curiosity, especially when it came to the dollar theater (oh how I love the dollar theater -- it's $3 actually, but such a good deal, just the same).

What I love about this movie is all the domestic scenes--the clothes, the getting ready, the kitchen scenes--especially the kitchen scenes. I was totally geeking out on the scene where Kristin Thomas opens the refrigerator in the vacation home and it is beautifully well stocked with groceries and she eats peanut butter by the spoonful and pan fries some chicken for herself. Love!

Faith and I have had a few conversations about Twilight vs. The Hunger Games since they are both YA book series and huge sensations. Faith points out, quite rightly, that the only thing Bella of Twilight does is pine away for a boy. That's it! Whereas Katniss of the The Hunger Games is strong and has her own skills and passions and she is not boy crazy in the least, plus she is kind hearted and heroic. Super excited for that movie to come out. We are really enjoying the trailer and basically get teary whenever we watch it.

Also thinking: wouldn't it be fun to commit to a year of only going to the dollar theater to watch movies? We'd maybe see a bunch of different movies than what we'd normally see, and it would be cheap. (But I'd make exceptions for movies we really care about, like The Hunger Games . . .)


valérie said...

I like Twilight cause after all I'm a fan of almost anything fantastic ;) but I haven't seen Breaking Dawn. Now I have to see it. Just had a look at the trailer and as I expected they don't show the domestic scenes in there! But I have become real sensitive to this kind of scene...I'll let you know when I've finally watched the movie! Thanks for sharing anyway!

Family of 4.... said...

We have a $3 theater here and I love it. We go when we can.

I am not a Twilight fan but curious about Hunger Games.


CM said...

Hi, I've tagged you over on my blog with a foodie blogger Q&A! :-)

Carrie said...

I have only read the first book. I am not able to get past the fact that any homey kitchen scene, such as the one you pictured, is between a young woman and a man old enough to be her great grandfather. I don't care how he looks, that just creeps me out.

likeschocolate said...

My son and I are totally looking forward to going to see the Hunger Games.

vincent said...

We live on a fixed income so we RARELY go to see a movie when it is out. We take advantage of the Red Box and Block Buster Express. Although the BBE has recently raised their price and the Red Box isn't even a simple dollar anymore, it is still cheap. I love it because we (the dad and I) or we (the girl and I) make a movie night of it with popcorn and snuggles! :) I have all the Twilight books, given to me by my boyfriends mother and I LOVE to read and found them really descriptive. I have watched the older ones on the T.V. when they come on. As an adult I find them easy to watch, not too deep and a relaxing thing to watch. Glad you enjoyed it! Our town has no movie theater, but the closest one is only $4 but very shabby. Staying home is a better alternative! lol!

Anonymous said...

I loved Breaking Dawn,I think it was the best Twilight movie yet. I agree with Faith about Bella.
I am now just reading the Hunger Games books, At the end of Catching Fire. I LOVE Katniss.
I have thought of her along the lines of Herimone. I adore Herimone.~she is strong, smart and I think surpasses the boys in Harry Potter. :P And that is how Katniss is, she is a true hero, So far.;)lol
I want to see the hunger games too. I'm pretty excited for them.
And I agree I loved all the home scenes in Breaking Dawn, I LOVED all the books everywhere's at the Cullen's house. They did awesome with the scouting of the homes in the movie. :)

Oona Nicholas