Sunday, January 22, 2012

some scenes from the weekend

in the studio
{just a bit of christmas decor left hanging in the studio}

{cinnamon rolls for breakfast saturday morning}

{cutting into some delicious fabric}

had to try this after lisa leonard posted about it
{had to try this after lisa leonard posted it on her blog}

sunday crafting
{sunday crafting}

{nature table freshen up}

{lunch at sharky's}

How was your weekend? I've been exhausted lately, so I tried to keep it pretty low-key. I did do a little cleaning, got the laundry done early (meaning it's not still lying clumped in a basket Sunday night as it usually is!), did a bit of crafting with the boys, and had a few meals out. I even had a chance to do a bit of sewing (which always makes me happy). How about you?


Anonymous said...

Oh my, those little turtles are adorable! I always enjoy your photos. You have an artistic eye. Sounds like a perfect weekend.


maria said...

I spend my weekend sewing and just relaxing with my family...praying that you feel better soon.


Carrie said...

I successfully avoided doing the laundry, read three books instead and still found clean underwear and a decent outfit to wear to work this morning!

Andrea said...

Oh, you always have such godd-looking food in your posts! And I can't wait to see what you do with that yummy fabric. I had a perfect weekend--busy Saturday w/ little boys' basketball and a Chinese New Year party, then most of Sunday all to myself--and all the housework done (with the clean laundry in heaps too!).

Faith said...

The cinnamon role and sharky's looks sooo good. I am very hungry right now.
love, faithy

Mary Beth said...

Kim--thank you!

Maria--thanks, I do feel much better now.

Carrie--good girl!

Andrea--I'm so glad you got a day to yourself. I read about it on your blog and it sounded heavenly and so refreshing.