Sunday, January 8, 2012

some scenes from the weekend

beach play
{sunday afternoon beach trip}

playing downtown
{sunday morning playing downtown/farmer's market}


striding ahead
{making roasted veggies}

I did a lot of things from my "dreamy/practical" list. Ken and I had a fun Saturday evening going to see "New Year's Eve" (even though it was kind of awful) and having dinner at Chipotle, my fave. We also tore through 4 episodes (2 on Friday and 2 on Saturday) of Grey's Anatomy. We're on season 7 I think.

I made a big green juice on Saturday and the boys shared with me. I want a big green juice like that every weekend. I'm glad the boys drink it too.

We have gazillions of Christmas cookies left over in the freezer, and enjoyed eating some of those.

I didn't get any sewing or cutting done (not even close!) but I did get in some walks, so that was good.

I need to seriously get back into some Flylady routines. The house needs some attention.

The boys had a great time playing on the beach until they got into a bitter argument over a sand dollar. How I wish they could get along better. I was really lucky with Jacob and Faith, who rarely fought.

I bit off way more than I could chew Sunday afternoon, and ended up grumpy. I had in mind that I would do a lot of cooking ahead for the week. I roasted two pans of vegetables, made fruit and nut bars, cooked a big batch of white beans, assembled a lasagna for Monday night, plus made a nice chicken dish for Sunday night. It was too much! The boys ended up spending way too much time on and I felt frazzled. A couple things would have been ok, but not five things!

We are more or less set for Monday now. How was your weekend?


Sarah said...

sounds like a lovely weekend. And I do believe there is something to be said about having two children of the same gender as opposed to different, seems same have a bit more of butting heads than different. At least that is what my mother noticed. My older brother and sister are very close in age and always got a long well, my younger sister and I are closer in age than the older two and well...until adulthood we butted heads, a lot! Hopefully though, those moments are not as common as the ones you capture of them enjoying one another :) Have a great week.

muffinmoon said...

One of the things (and there are many more) that keep me coming back to your blog is your constant reassessment of life. You always look for the light and for what you could do next time. I love that! I am sorry the boys fought but on balance they have a great time together- the photos don't lie entirely!! I am longing for sewing time but have promised myself that good food at this time of year in Northern Europe is more important so it's to the kitchen my creative energy goes too. Hugs for a peaceful week from England, Mary Beth. I also love that the only other comment at the moment is from my friend Sarah in Washington State (we met online as our kids have Type 1 diabetes and we knit/sew!).

Valérie (Poetic chronicles) said...

Soooo lucky to live near the beach! I live in a nice green countryside area, we do a lot of walks in the forests, around lakes, we have space and pure fresh air...but the beach! Your kids look so great running on the sand in that photo! I guess later they'll remember the fun, and not the casual, little arguments and fights! ;)

Sunshine Alternative Mama said...

You got so much done in the kitchen! Were you roasting a la An Everlasting Meal? We did mushrooms, broccoli, cauliflower (amazing roasted that way, yes?), sweet potatoes, and zucchini. All those jars looks so pretty in the fridge. We also chopped some leeks and other veggies for later in the week, made vegetable stock, and got chicken stock started after roasting chicken for dinner. It almost felt like too much, but I had amazing help from my husband. By myself I don't know that I could have done half as much.

Christina said...

My weekend cooking extravaganza's rarely go smoothly unless they're unintentional. The kind where, in the end, I think... "I made all of that?!"

As for tidying and cleaning, you should join the group we've created! It's centered around a daily decluttering task. Read about it on my blog if you'd like :) (

Carrie said...

I will happily receive freezer cookies via the US Postal Service!