Wednesday, January 11, 2012

new year's resolutions, 2012

{an evening walk--in keeping with my #1 resolution}

2012 is feeling decidedly like a "resolution" year for me. I'm ready and excited. I thought I'd share some of what I've jotted down:

:: walk for 20 minutes every day (except Thursdays)
:: stick to a bedtime routine
:: make stuff--get back into sewing
:: read more books
:: maintain my weight
:: go to the beach more
:: keep blogging
:: spending freeze for the first 3 months (for myself)
:: get back into some Flylady routines or some sort of house cleaning routine that works for me
:: keep current with my calendar/planner/journal
:: stay organized with household things like menu planning and grocery list making
:: book a spring break vacation (done! happily I made reservations at beautiful Costanoa for spring break--so excited!)
:: stay in touch with friends
:: figure out for real how to manage paper clutter. For real.
:: try to reduce our house clutter overall.
:: reduce our food waste. Eat simply and eat up what we have.
:: stop spending too much time online at night, after the children have gone to bed.

I've been doing great on the walking resolution so far, which is huge for me. Really, if I just do that one thing I'll be far ahead.

How about you? What are you contemplating this year??


Denise said...

You are going to love Costanoa. It's really a special place. Great resolutions. Thanks for sharing.

Mary Beth said...

Oh hooray! I am so glad to hear that, Denise. Thanks for telling me. We are really excited.

Colm said...

Some good new years resolutions there fair play. I think its always best to start the New Year around Jan 10th to allow time to get over the post holiday slump. I done up my own new years resolution blog about saving money in 2012. Have a read at

likeschocolate said...

Good luck! I find that if I walk straight to the trash can when I get the mail that this cuts down 90 peer ENT of the trash down. We. Have also made most of our bills electronic. Then with school papers I throw almost everything out except art work I have a special box for this which I then go through at the end of the year and only keep the very best pieces. I also have been trying to reduce the food waste, so I only go to the store now when it is absolutely necessary. I try and see if I can make a meal with what I have all ready. It is working pretty good.

Chelsey said...

Ditto with the internet at night for me. And I really want to try to make some time for myself to work on things I used to love- sewing, knitting etc. I have a list of all these projects I want to do, but never start them.

Kika@embracingimperfection said...

Instead of New Years Resolutions I am following a list of "40in40" that I made in the summer for my 40th birthday. Some fun things on the list include: making homemade body lotion, elderberry syrup and bug spray, going on an anniversary trip with my husband, starting a blog and eating mostly plants before supper (ok, this one isn't always fun), etc.