Saturday, January 14, 2012

more january birthdays!

birthday table

birthday cookies

birthday table progress--awaiting a cake

birthday banner


60 and 19

We celebrated Ken and Ben's birthdays tonight. Ben's birthday is later in the month, but he is going back to college tomorrow, so we wanted to celebrate him early.

It was actually quite fun assembling a combined party for the two of them. It gave me a chance to contemplate them as a father and son and to think about how alike they really are. They decided upon a meal (Ben's favorite)--sausage linguine with salad and garlic bread and a chocolate Kahlua cake for dessert. Of course there were homemade cookies as well, as per our tradition (or at least it is our tradition on the years I can get around to it). And now I am sending Ben back to school with a big tupperware of individually wrapped cake slices and some decorated cookies as well.

Happy Birthday Ken and Ben! You guys are awesome!


Joy said...

What a sweet celebration for the two of them. :) You have so many birthdays to celebrate just after Christmas! I can only imagine that is a challenge. (We have a Christmas day and 1/28 which is difficult enough.) I love those cute little cookies you make for each birthday. And how sweet that you wrapped some for Ben to take with him. I'm sure he appreciates the thoughtfulness!

Mike said...

Happy Birthday Ken.

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday to your guys...that cake looks absolutely delicious!

likeschocolate said...

Happy birthday to your boys. The cake looks fantastic !!!

Faith said...

Oh my god mama I am dying for sausage linguine and I would even enjoy the kahlua cake! The dining hall pasta sucks all the joy out of pasta for me

The Wool Fairy said...

Wow, January is a busy month in your house!

Did you do a "friend party" for Dieter this year or did you stick with your lovely family party? I know you did one for him last year, so I'm wondering if it was hard to switch gears the following year. My son's 7th is coming up and I'm trying to simplify, but I'm expecting he will not want to give up the friends. Even when you have it at your house, keep the food and decorations simple...etc....a growing guest list means such an abundance and excess of stuff! Just wondering your thoughts!

Mary Beth said...

Wool Fairy--no, we did not do a "friend" party for Dieter this year (as we did last year). We are phasing it out. I/we just have too many misgivings about all the gifts and also issues related to all of it--whom to invite, what to do, etc., etc. Instead we do other "family" parties throughout the year--the popsicle party in summer and a citrus party upcoming in a couple weeks (and a soup party in the fall, at least once).

Dieter did not mind--in fact he never mentioned it. It is just so much excitement to have the teens here and the grandparents and the cake and the cookies and presents--that is enough!