Monday, January 30, 2012

hello monday!

29/366:  downtown on a sunday
Hello Monday!
Hello first day of semester 2 (and just like that, the year is half over).
Hello taking the day off from work today to take Rainer to UCLA*.
Hello summery days. Hello sun and wind.

Hello frozen waffles from Trader Joe's (I miss you waffle maker! Ours broke and we had to toss it.)
Hello being super organized for the week with the housework done and the laundry washed, dried, folded and put away (for once!).
Hello new app for my iPad that is giving me some oomph and motivation to stay current with the housework.

on my nightstand currently
Hello pretty bouquet on my nightstand.
Hello flowers growing in our yard, despite being neglected.

making valentines in his own way
Hello little boy making valentines in his own way, even though mama had a different plan.
Hello valentine books coming out once again and being read and enjoyed.

I'm linking up with Lisa for Hello Monday. What are you saying hello to this week?

*Unfortunately, the surgery in December to remove Rainer's port was unsuccessful and we now have to take him to UCLA to see about getting it out. Poor guy! I wish something could go easily and well for him medically for once! Tomorrow's appointment is just a consult so nothing scary for now. We're just wanting to find out a lot more information before he goes in for any more surgeries.


Inoureyes said...

Those waffles look delish! and the flowers sure do give alot of love despite going without. Best wishes for something going right fro the little guy. He is in our familys prayers

valérie said...

All my best wishes to your sweet boy Rainer. Maybe he won't have to go through surgery, or nothing too bad at least. Big hugs from here!

Rain said...

Hoping your little guys surgery ordeals are soon over!
What's the app for your iPad?

Jars of Giggles said...

What is the app thats working for you??

Aunt Kirstie said...

I was wondering what the app was too. I hope all goes well at the consult, I know it must be difficult but I am happy he is doing well.

Melissa Nichols said...

I love frozen waffles ;o) I hope everything goes well with the UCLA trip.

Mary Beth said...

Thanks for the good wishes, everyone. The app is "Home Routines" (for iPad). It is a very clean and simple app, obviously much inspired by Flylady. It lets you set your morning and evening routines and each time you check off an item you get a "star." I love that sort of thing. You can also enter your daily items (for example, change sheets on Mnday, quick bathroom on Tuesday, etc.) and you can arrange your monthly activities in the "zones." The only thing I would like better is if I could have a separate checklist for the "white tornado" but I am very happy with the app overall.