Monday, January 23, 2012

hello monday!

little boy crafting
Hello Monday!
Hello jury duty and spending the day reading and hoping not to get called (my i-pad is loaded with books).
Hello end of semester one, minimum days this week, and being halfway through the school year already. (Before you know it, it will be summer!)

more little boy crafting
Hello little boys getting super crafty this weekend.
Hello little glued projects and "gifts" all around the house.

boys being silly
Hello brothers being super silly and putting on "shows" and dances.
Hello home-made costumes of stuffed animals and lots of playsilks.

bicycle riding
Hello crisp sunny days and cold wintery nights.
Hello new bike (a gift for Dieter for his birthday).
Hello riding a two-wheeler.
Hello hand-me-down bike with training wheels for Rainer.

catching up with some correspondence
Hello catching up with correspondence.
Hello trying to get rested and work up some energy.
I'm tired but ready for the week and feeling optimistic.

How about you?

I'm linking up with Lisa today for Hello Monday. What are you saying hello to today?

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