Saturday, January 7, 2012

a fabric bucket for carrie

a fabric bucket for carrie

a fabric bucket for carrie

I can show this to you now because Carrie received her package yesterday. I was a bit behind in my Christmas sewing this year (this is the only gift I sewed, as a matter of fact), but I did manage to complete this at the first of the year, which I consider a success.

When I was visiting Carrie last fall, I realized that I had never made her a fabric bucket! Nor a zippered pouch! Now I have partially corrected that. It was fun to package this up with some jam and tumbled rocks and such and send it off to her.

The bucket pattern is from Maya Made. It's a fun pattern that always sews up nicely. Hopefully starting off the new year with a sewing project bodes well for more sewing in 2012. I have in mind simple things like bags, table runners, patchwork quilts, and zip pouches. What are your sewing plans this year??

(By the way, the outer fabric is from Ikea. The lining is from JoAnn.)

(Also by the way, when I clicked over to Maya's shop to find the link, I noticed she has some new patterns--for nesting fabric buckets and a cotton knit skirt. More sewing inspiration!)

a fabric bucket for carrie


Carrie said...

I love my fabric bucket! Did I tell you my mom gave me her sewing machine for christmas? I am going to give sometime to see if I like to sew as much as I just love fabric. I am trying to make gift bags first. Then gifts!

kera said...

carrie....i have a friend who thought she LOVED sewing because she's OBSESSED with far she's finding she doesn't so much love sewing but is still madly in LOVE with fabric!! funny to hear someone else say that!!

ok so i made 2 of these fabric buckets for my girls this christmas. they're absolutely adorable but mine don't sit up perfectly straight like your are. i used batting and my inner lining is a heavy weight fabric but my outer fabric is just a super cute cotton. what's your trick?

i'm not sure what i have on my sewing menu for '12 but one pattern i purchased & had hoped to sew up for my girls were dana from "made" rollie pollies! a fun bean bag for the kids! {a side note of that....she recommends buying 10 bags of filling from michaels at $4 to $5 a bag which then makes this a super pricey gift. i NEVER visit kmart but we happened to pop in there one day before christmas and they were selling huge bags of filling for $15!!}

Tammie said...

love the fabric you chose. beautiful.

i really need to try my hand at making one of these.

Maiz Connolly said...

I want to make some of Maya's buckets this year, too. I love the fabrics you used... so fun!

Mary Beth said...

Kera--I do sort of have a trick-- use the heavy, home-dec weight fabric from Ikea for the outer fabric. It's such a nice weight for this and other home dec projects. I'm addicted to it for the table runners as well.