Friday, January 13, 2012


typical friday
{stopping by Trader Joe's--a typical Friday}

What are you up to this weekend? I am super-ready for a break. It was a typical Friday the 13th at my work--lots of commotion and busyness with warm Santa Ana winds stirring things up. So happy to have made it to the weekend at last.

:: try making crepes with the boys. I'm inspired by the instructions in my "new" issue of Everyday Food. I just bought the January 2011 issue for my iPad and it comes with a little video tutorial on how to do the crepes. It doesn't look too hard and I'd love to try it. Hopefully the boys will get a kick out of it.
:: make a festive combined birthday dinner for Ken and Ben. Ken's birthday is this weekend. Ben's is at the end of the month, but he'll be back college by then, so we're celebrating him now. There will be sausage linguine, cookies in the shape of "19", and a huge chocolate cake.
:: make granola bars and peanut butter power balls with the boys--to have on hand for this week's lunches.
:: I'd love to cut into my bit of Lotta Jansdotter fabric and make myself a zippered pouch. We'll see if the opportunity arises.
:: take a trip to Santa Barbara for the Natural History Museum--Dieter and Rainer love it, and we haven't been in awhile

:: all the usual suspects--laundry, cleaning, cooking (at least the weekly shopping is mostly done. I make a stop at Trader Joe's on Fridays on my way home from work, then pick up a few more things at our local market over the weekend--whatever I couldn't find at TJ's.)
:: make a trip to the Post Office
:: clean the bathrooms using this technique (I can use whatever inspiration I can find).

I love a 3 day weekend. Enjoy your extra day!

typical friday


Melissa Nichols said...

I haven't made crepes in years! My mom makes them often for my dad because he loves them, and she doesn't like to cook so she only cooks easy things. It should be a good project for you and your boys. BTW, I like your IKEA bag. I still haven't been into an IKEA, the closest one is 2 hours away in Boston. Maybe this Summer I can venture down.

Sarah said...

I'd love to know how the granola bars go, I've tried relentlessly to find the "right" recipe that my boys will like as much as the store bought, but have yet to hit the nail on the head.
We get an extra day off this weekend, actually a four day weekend, and I am just excited that TJ will be able to spend it with us, too. Family time is such a gift :)
Enjoy your weekend.
BTW have you perused purlbee much? I am loving their tutorials and patterns, such fun making me want to find time to craft much more!