Friday, January 6, 2012


{stopping at Trader Joe's on my way home from work}

It seems like a good weekend for a dreamy/practical list. Here's what I hope to do--

:: read An Everlasting Meal on my iPad. Devour Tamar Adler's good writing + read her blog musings + watch her videos. Get inspired.
:: snuggle the boys and read books to them. Picture books for Rainer. The Long Winter for Dieter.
:: farmer's market trip on Sunday (fingers crossed that the boys will be in a good mood for that one).
:: a quick trip to the beach
:: date night with Ken on Saturday
:: make a big glass of green juice

:: laundry, as always. Wash, dry, fold, and put away. Preferably be done before Sunday night.
:: figure out my blog settings (happily this is done! Thanks to kind and helpful Emma).
:: make a big pot of white beans on Sunday to have a head start on Wednesday's meal.
:: clean off my nightstand. Place a vase with some flowers in it.

What do you hope to accomplish this weekend? You can see I'm much more inclined to dreamy at the moment. How about you?


Emma said...

I'm so glad you got the blog layout sorted! Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend and get to do the rest of the things you have planned :)

Joy said...

Dreamy always rules over practical here too. :) Unless knitting counts as practical... An Everlasting Meal sounds great. Thanks for the rec! I'm currently reading Folks This Ain't Normal and really enjoying it. You'll have to let me know how Dieter enjoys The Long Winter. I've read all of the other Little House books up to that one. I remember having a strong reaction at about age 8 when I read that the first time (in response to the fact they were basically starving to death), and I've been hesitant to read it to my kids. Maybe that's just leftover emotion from my own experience and not reality though. Have a lovely weekend, Mary Beth!

Lacy@uphillandsmiling said...

:) reading... trip to the library with all of the family.

laundry (as usual, it's such a part of life, I don't even think about it)

made some pies yesterday...

cleaned the bathrooms...

hubby is going to fix bathroom cupboard

play out in the snow with the kiddos... the sun is out, it might melt before we get a chance.

make a dent in my "de-cluttering" project

thanks for your post :) I remembered how much I LOVE fresh flowers!

Sunshine Alternative Mama said...

Your list looks wonderful! I'm reading An Everlasting Meal this weekend as well, right now with chicken stock made and a chicken soup simmering, plus risotto cooking in the rice cooker. And we'll have date night tonight, too. Our farmers market was this morning and for the first time ever we found local pasture raised chicken so that is exciting (I'll roast it tomorrow).

Our practical is mostly completed, with all hands pitching in to clean the house this morning. More kitchen tasks await me but I can never tell if those are dreamy or practical. And of course laundry, like you wrote, "as always".

Have a lovely, dreamy and practical weekend!