Saturday, December 31, 2011

year's end

We are saying goodbye to 2011. Frankly, it was not my favorite year ever and I'm not sorry to see it go. But I did have fun choosing a memory from each month--

January 2011
January--cupcakes at Dieter's birthday party.

February 2011
February--a trip to the mountains and real snow.

March 2011
March--balloons on a downtown walk.

April 2011
April--a trip to the desert for Ken and the boys. Not my memory, but they are all crazy about the desert and rocks and it pleases me to think to think about that.

May 2011
May--mother's day presents.

June 2011
June--summer mantle.

July 2011
July--a trip to the pool.

August 22011
August--an abundance of radishes.

September 2011
September--boys playing in the garden.

October 2011
October--making cookies for Rainer's birthday.

November 2011
November--arranging the pie table at thanksgiving.

December 2011
December--a trip to Carpinteria on the solstice.

I have lots of thoughts about the old year, the new year, and making my resolutions. But that's for a later post. Happy New Year's Eve to everyone! I hope you celebrate it just how you like.


Vic said...

Looks like a lovely year. Tell me though; what does one DO with an abundance of radishes? We threw a few in some salads & relinquished the rest to the compost heap!

Happy 2012!

Rain said...

Happy New Year!!!
New Year's Eve always means the first time I became a mama. 17 years ago today.
I think I have the same jacket you are wearing in Feb. Is it Garnet Hill?

beach babies said...

2011 was not a banner year for me either. Love all the pics!

Elizabeth said...

Hello, I'm a reader who doesn't comment much but wanted to say happy, happy new year to you and yours. All the best,