Tuesday, December 20, 2011

what we've been up to

gingerbread dala horse
{gingerbread Dala horse}

I am feeling very Decembery, Christmassy, and relaxed since I declared that I would enjoy this break and promised not to stress out. It's amazing what an attitude adjustment will do. We've mostly just been hanging out and instagraming* about it. Here's what we've been up to:

Breaking out the cookie press was really fun. My mom bought it for me a number of years ago, and I finally got it out and used it. Even the boys were able to squeeze out a few cookies (it takes a great deal of hand strength!).

reading 'the littlest angel'
{the littlest angel}
Carrie sent the kids this vintage copy of The Littlest Angel. It's kind of strange; have you read it? I'm not sure if I entirely "get it." Dieter has taken a liking to it. The "understanding angel" looks like Ben.

gingerbread as kid-project
We approached the gingerbread cookie making as a kid-lead project. We made the dough a day before. Today we rolled and cut to the kids' content. There were gingerbread men and boys, trees, mushrooms, woodland creatures, stars. Gazillions of them.

kid-decorated gingerbread fox
{gingerbread fox}
The decorating was also child-led. We only decorated about a fourth of the batch. We just kept it mellow.

december mantle
{december mantle}

december mantle
{december mantle}
We even put up a little December mantle, something I thought I would not get around to-- I was so overwhelmed this month. But gladly I had a few minutes to make these little vignettes. The Dala horses are instant mood lifters. (I love them so much, Carrie! Thank you!!)

popcorn and snacks for dinner
{dinner in}
We also had dinner of just popcorn and snacks one night, and watched How the Grinch Stole Christmas. Rainer really got into this--preparing the snack, setting out a candle and decorations. So sweet, and exactly the sort of thing I want him to enjoy and remember.

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Anonymous said...

Where did you get the woodland animals cookie cutters? Adorable!

Rain said...

So good to just enjoy Christmas isn't it?
I'd love to know where you got your woodland cookie cutters too. They're excellent! Also the Dala horse. Those mushroom & squirrel gingerbread are so adorable!

Amy said...

All beautiful and adorable rolled into one. I especially love the mushroom cookie shape. Is that from Ikea? I bought a set from them this Christmas I'm really enjoying. Thanks for reminding me to take it easy. I keep telling myself - "be the willow tree". What I remember most from "Scream-free Parenting". Have a Merry Christmas!

hi_missy said...

Your Dala horses remind me of my grandmother, who was from Sweden, and Christmas with her. She would have loved your Dala gingerbread.
Thank you for sharing.

Mary Beth said...

Hi friends. The woodland animal set of cookie cutters is from Ikea--squirrel, bear cub, moose, fox, etc. The mushroom is from a cake decorating shop in Lawrence Kansas (I picked up a caterpillar cutter there too). My mom bought the Dala horse somewhere on her travels and I love it.