Thursday, December 8, 2011

right now

winter village currently
I've been way too tired to blog lately, and basically just falling into bed soon after the little boys are asleep. I'm still here, though. Working, doing Weight Watchers, doing a few Christmassy things (but mostly Christmas projects will have to wait another week until I am out of school).

I can't resist taking a lot of pictures of the little Wintry Village as the boys add to it each day for advent. The first 5 items were new this year. A tree, an owl, a weasel, a bear cub, and a guinea fowl. I got these in the summer when they were on sale at Wooden Wagon. It was fun having them tucked away ahead of time for the advent calendar. I love this winter activity and I hope the boys continue to love it too for years to come.

meal planning
One thing that is making me happy currently: I took about 5 minutes a week or so ago to survey the food we had onhand (pantry, freezer) and to make a little chart for myself of what we have and what meals can be made with it. I loved having the sense of frugality and organization that came with that. Just knowing what I need to use up made the meal planning and shopping list planning so much easier. Little things like this give me a disproportionate nerdy thrill. Am I the only one I wonder?

new chili recipe
One of the meals that came from this: refried bean chili, suggested by a reader (M. Meyers) on an earlier post. I made a half recipe and cut back on the spices. I loved this! I know it's not the most photogenic recipe for sure, but it was flavorful and homey and warm. Oh, and I found a cornbread recipe I'm enjoying too--maple cornbread from a recent issue of Real Simple. Unfortunately I can't find it online, but it was in a recent issue I'm pretty sure. It's sweetened entirely with maple syrup--no white sugar at all. I freeze the extra squares and re-heat them as needed for weeknight meals. Again, this makes me feel so homey and domestic.

Weight Watchers is going well. I've lost 12.6 pounds but am actually trying to maintain now. The timing is good, going into the holidays. I've learned so much. I should do a post pretty soon. Mostly success is all mental (having a good attitude, stopping "messing around") and also portion control and common sense. Portion control is key for me. You know when you see a blog and they show a pretty picture of one or two homemade cookies and a cup of tea? I always want to be that person who can only eat the one or two cookies. So now that is what I have been doing and it feels really good. Very moderate, which is what I like.

Sorry for the random "catch up" post. Happy weekend, almost!


Andrea said...

I love your pictures of you village--do share more! Those new animals are great! The village is my favorite part of our Christmas decorations, too, but my kids aren't very into it. It's fantastic that you've been able to lose so much weight. I have the same portion control problem--if something tastes good, I just want to eat more and more of it. I've had to give up all sugar/desserts and snacks like chips cold-turkey b/c I have no self-control (I did cheat a little while making xmas cookies!)

kristen said...

Thanks for popping in!

Have you shared before what you eat during the day to succeed on WW? I'm not currently attending WW meetings and am trying to do it on my own. I would love to read more about what you are eating during the day to stay on track (if you have time :).

Sarah said...

perfect random catch up post, I've been feeling very random myself lately. Glad you're looking forward to the holiday break so much, bet you have some wonderful relaxing ideas with the little ones ;)
I love making (nerdy!) lists, too - such a sense of accomplishment for sure!
And BRAVO for the 12.5 lb loss, that is definitely a call for celebration :)

M. Meyers said...

So happy you tried the chili and liked it! I've made it twice already. Daughter left out the whole beans and used it for hot dog topping for a neighborhood block party. I went to Goodwill and bought 5 ceramic houses for 49 cents each so 3 yr old grandson can have a village to play with like your boys have. I'm on the lookout for trees and little animals. Love your blog!

Daniela said...

Yesterday I made your "celebration sugar cookies" with my little cousins while baby-sittering them:they were a huge succes and tha children had a lot of fun!! :-) It's really a good recipe and I will bake them again!

Finding Balance mommy said...

Always love reading what's going on with your family....and food choices. :-)
Merry Christmas