Friday, December 30, 2011

a mama-made kindle pouch

a mama-made kindle pouch
On Christmas day, Faith decided on a whim to order the cheapest Kindle with her Christmas money. We've both been talking lately about wanting to get back into reading (more books, and less time spent on the computer) and the idea of carrying our books with us in an incredibly lightweight little package was so compelling. The little video about it on Amazon captured both of our imaginations. We especially liked the part where the woman is relaxing back on her sofa, reading her lightweight Kindle, feeling at peace knowing that all her books are backed up in the Cloud! Anyway, Faith waited not so patiently and finally her package arrived Thursday night and she very much wanted me to make a little felt pouch for her Kindle.

a mama-made kindle pouch
The first book she bought was 1984 (I love hearing her tell about how every single essay she wrote in high school somehow related back to 1984! It lives in her heart). And she also bought one of the Hunger Games books.

I loved making this little pouch. I somehow fell away from sewing and creating this year, which was a shame, because I so strongly believe in creating over consuming. It felt good to make something, and we were both pleased with how it turned out. Such a simple rectangle, but so satisfying.

a mama-made kindle pouch
The felt is from my small stash of good wool felt, and I lined it with cotton batting for extra protection. I made the little button tab in a print from an old skirt I bought at a rummage sale a few years ago. And the button is vintage, from my friend Carrie. I do hope to do much more creating in 2012 . . .


lovestitches said...

I'm thinking 2012 is my year for an ereader. Something about having all those books in the palm of my hand at once! I love the pouch, she'll carry a heart from her mama wherever she takes it.

Joy said...

What a cute little pouch! I'm sure Faith will appreciate it. I hope the Kindle helps her find time for reading more. :)

Jen05 said...

So sweet! Great job, mama. That's WAY better than anything she could have bought online or in a store. :)

Rain said...

Creating more in 2012 sounds like a great goal! I keep going back and forth on getting a kindle. I love holding a book so much I can't imagine it. Though having something so light that contains so many books in one place is tempting.
I love your mama made kindle pouch.

hi_missy said...

I love that sweet little pouch. My husband got me a Kindle for our anniversary, which was a very lovely gift, and I'd really like a case for it. My friend and I have been playing around with designs - I'd really like one that opens like a book and I'm having trouble figuring out what to use to keep it stiff...anyway, thanks for sharing. Happy New Year!