Wednesday, November 2, 2011

what the green pumpkin brought

what the green pumpkin brought

The Green Pumpkin did not disappoint. He brought six new books--

There were no tears this year about giving up the candy. I advocated (to Ken) for the boys to be able to save out 8 pieces for eating throughout the week. That seemed to satisfy them and they gave up the rest happily. It also helped that they only trick or treated for a very short time, so what they were giving up was not all that much.

Now we need to "restock" wishlists!


Hannah Joy said...

We allowed the kids to have a few pieces and I threw it all in the garbage. They were ok with it thank heavens! I love your book idea.

Maiz Connolly said...

I love your Green Pumpkin choices. I also allowed our boys to pick out some candy and then threw the rest out. We talked about making good choices and how they feel after they eat a lot of candy, and they were totally fine with getting rid of almost all of their candy. Then, Diego came home from school with stories about a friend's "Halloween Fairy," and he looked at me like he'd been cheated!

Avena_Crataegus said...

I was *just* thinking about Elisa Kleven and wondering where I learned about her. Now I think maybe it was your beautiful blog. We love love love all of her books. We have The Apple Doll in our book basket right now. Thanks for the introduction!

Faith said...

ooh I do recognize the city of angels book. We still have the paper princess book at home right? Keep it forever!
P.S. I'm glad you weren't doing this green pumpkin thing when I was little. :)

Sarah said...

we LOVE traction man at our house, such fun books!

Nina said...

My 5yo son loves Traction Man meets Turbo Dog. Strange story but he loves it.