Wednesday, November 30, 2011

talk about gift bags and cookies

fabric gift bags (last year)
Amy was asking a few questions in the comments yesterday, so I thought I'd do a little post. She was wondering about these fabric gift bags I made last year. I love sewing bags, and I hate wrapping with wrapping paper, so these are right up my alley. I don't think my little ones will miss out on the joy of ripping up paper, because I don't imagine we will ever totally convert to these bags. I use these more for my own wrapping, while other family members still rely on paper. As far as asking for them back to use next year (for extended family members) I would just see how it goes. If they want to keep them, then I'd hand them over, of course. Otherwise, I'd get them back. It all depends.

The traditional cookies

I get a lot of questions about the recipe I use for my sugar cookies. I should state right up front that these are not delicate, high-end sugar cookies (those recipes tend to produce a really hard to handle dough). I like these because they taste perfectly yummy, but the dough is easy to work with. They make a nice, thick cookie with edges that stay pretty well defined. They are delicious with a glass of milk and they don't need any frosting or sprinkles (but the children love the bright decorations, so we usually do decorate them). Have fun!

Here are the links to the recipes:
Celebration Sugar Cookies
Best Sugar Cookie Icing


The Wool Fairy said...

I too love the fabric bags. Sometimes I even just wrap with fabric as I would paper with some yarn for ribbon. My mom and sister always give the bags back to me after Xmas, but sometimes I see the bag as part of the gift as well!

I must try the cookies!

Anna said...

I have really enjoyed over the years your musings and experiments with streamlining the holidays and the everydays--keeping the memorable, special, and important. And leaving behind those rituals that make you grit your teeth or leave you stressed and pressed for time.
As a full-time working mom, I have to do a similar paring down. Your take on it really inspires me in my similar journey. So many crafty blogs feature women doing more than I could possibly imagine accomplishing. They are fun to read, but not so resonant with my own life.
Thank you for sharing!

Amy said...

Wow- I've never made a blog post before I'm blushing. You are so sweet to answer my questions. I am sewing the gift bags for my family (parents, sister, brother in law and nephews). I am also making sleeping bags for my girl's dolls. They could also be used for stuffed friends. Real simple pattern.

Are you making gifts for friends this year? You are usually blogging about it by now. Maybe it's a surprise. Thanks for the answers to my many questions. Happy Holidays! Amy

prairieharmony said...

I enjoyed your post about the fabric bags. Many years ago I made a fabric bag with a nice fabric draw string top for my daughter's little friends birthday. My heart was delighted when about four years later I was at school at the end of the day and she still had the bag!!! She was using it as an overnight bag and was heading to a friends after school for a sleepover :) I never dreamed she would still have that bag or be using it. Your posting reminded me that I really need to make up some more for the holidays. Thanks...and the cookies look wonderfully delicious!

Mary Beth said...

Prairieharmony--I love that! I think that is what we wish for as crafters--that the gift is used and enjoyed, even in some small way. What a great story. Thanks for sharing it.