Wednesday, November 16, 2011

new cookbook: 'teaching dad to cook flapjack'

sunflower bread from 'teaching dad to cook flapjack'
Rainer and I made this sunflower bread on Sunday. It was really tasty, despite the fact that it's kind of dense and low (my 100% whole wheat bread attempts always turn out that way--tasty but low). We found the recipe in a new book that I've actually had for quite some time. I read about it on 101 Cookbooks and had it on my wishlist for a few months then finally decided to buy it for myself. It's lovely. The book originally started out as a collection of recipes Miranda Gardiner compiled for her father, after her mother passed away. Just a collection of family, homey dishes he could whip up for himself. In truth, it's more of a family cookbook, though, and contains lots of pictures of the author's young family and dreamy shots of their location in Great Britain.

'teaching dad to cook flapjack'
I love how this book is organized into not-your-usual categories like "well-loved food," "mid-week morsels," "chance encounters," and "ozone inspired" (tales of beach-side cooking). Details like that, along with inspiring photos, are what I love cookbooks for. It doesn't even matter very much how many of the recipes I end up making, as long as I'm inspired in my cooking and domesticity. This book is a lovely read for that.

'teaching dad to cook flapjack'
These caramel salties look delicious and very well may end up on a Christmas tray over here pretty soon.

'teaching dad to cook flapjack'
Eek! I love this photo of her boys in a homey kitchen. This picture accompanies a recipe for "deluxe toad in the hole."

'teaching dad to cook flapjack'
I must make these jam tarts too.

'teaching dad to cook flapjack'

I will say, it is frustrating to be doing Weight Watchers when I am faced with so many delicious recipes to try! I figured trying the Sunflower Bread would be a fairly safe bet to start, but even so I could only really eat a slice plus some of Rainer's crusts before I had to stop. Alas.

By the way, did you know I have a little Amazon bookshop? You can see some of my other favorite cookbooks here and "home" books here.

Thanks for all your sweet comments on work/parenting balance on my last post. It's so nice to feel supported and to bounce ideas off each other. I went back and answered some questions in the comments, so check back there if you asked one. Also, someone asked about the acorn cakelet pan a few posts ago. It's from William's Sonoma. A similar one is here.)


Jen05 said...

I'm so glad to hear your reasons for buying and reading cookbooks. I feel the exact same way, but I always feel guilty for not using the recipes more. Thanks for putting my thoughts into words! :)

Elodie said...

You're always introducing me to great books.This time the lady who wrote it lives near me and I hadn't even heard of it! I know Bigbury so well,it's part of a Devon childhood as is beautiful Blackpool Sands just down the road. My kids spend half their summer holidays there(and in Cornwall).Off to buy as I'm always on the lookout for new summer beach picnic recipes.Thankyou.

Elodie said...

HFW has a new veg book out this Christmas,the tv show is running at the moment. Might get his and this one for Christmas(I love new cookery books for Christmas).Have you read any Nigel Slater books,his recipes are lovely and he writes well?If you want great veg recipes the Riverford site (our local organic farm)has a fantastic recipe bank.The chef at the farm is amazing and you can search by veg on the siteI think.

HeatherLee said...

You can try kneeding longer, doing another rise, or even letting it rise overnight in the fridge.

Carrie said...

Bring the Carmel Salties recipe!

Amy said...

Mary Beth, Would you please tell me what sugar cookie recipe you used for the leaf cookies? I also have been meaning to tell you there is a children's museum north of me (San Diego) in Temecula called Pennywise. It looks cute. We might go this week. I'll let you know if my girls enjoy themselves. Happy Thanksgiving! Amy

Amy said...

correction- It's called Pennypickles

Mary Beth said...

Amy--they are called "Celebration Sugar Cookies" and I've blogged the recipe here:
Happy Thanksgiving! Let me know how you like the museum . . .