Friday, November 4, 2011



Unfortunately, we had to cancel our soup party. Although we thought Rainer was getting better and he even went to school on Tuesday, the rest of the week he's been feverish and coughing. We certainly don't want to expose anybody, so the party is off. Ken is really sick too.

So, we're having a stay-at-home weekend devoted to rest and healing. I think a dreamy/practical list is in order.

Hoping to do this weekend . . .

:: cozy in, on this cold fall weekend, with bowls of soup (there will be plenty of that) and cups of ginger/honey/lemon tea for the sickies.
:: read big stacks of books to the boys--our new Green Pumpkin loot + selections from the fall book basket + favorite picture books + our current chapter book (On the Banks of Plum Creek, which we are loving).
:: I already baked up a new batch of fall leaf cookies for the soup party, so we may as well frost them.
:: make lists of holiday things I want to do this year
:: sew a bag (any bag will do!)
:: play gnomes and tea party with the boys
:: bake muffins (wholesome ones for weekday mornings)
:: enjoy a cold weather walk (for me)

:: sadly, my various piles of clutter have gotten way out of hand, so I need to deal with those this weekend
:: clean, clean, clean!
:: laundry galore
:: make elderberry syrup using Angry Chicken's recipe

What are you doing this weekend?




rainbowmummy said...

Hope Rainer and Ken feel much better soon.

This weekend is paint samples!

The Wool Fairy said...

Mary Beth,

I really love your dreamy/practical lists! They make a lot of sense. You are full of great ideas that inspire me.
I hope you get time to focus on the dreamy side of things, and I hope Rainer and Ken feel better soon (and I hope the rest of you don't get it!!)


hi_missy said...

On the Banks of Plum Creek was my daughter's and my favorite Little House book. I hope your guys get better quickly.