Sunday, October 9, 2011

weight watchers update

brown bag lunch
Sorry I've been so absent from the blog. I've just felt so uninspired, lately! Hopefully it will come back soon. I will say I am still having fun doing Weight Watchers. It's especially fun doing it with a friend. It feels like a challenging project rather than drudgery (which weight loss often can be). Last week we both got our five-pound stars and we were so happy!

Here's a selection of what I've been eating. The above lunch is some lentil soup I pulled from the freezer (handy having that in there) and a rice cake with a quarter of an avocado--plus the usual fruit and veggie sides.

tuesday salad
On Tuesday I made this salad to go along with our usual pizza. It has leftover cooked veggies on it--brussles sprouts and broccoli. I also found a vinaigrette recipe I like--here.

weight watchers recipe
I tried a couple more Weight Watchers recipes--a coconut brown rice and some honey-ginger chicken skewers. It was ok, but not a repeater. Still, it was fun to try.

quick weeknight dinner
Wednesday is usually soup night. I made my quick black bean soup and set out a "rice cake bar"--rice cakes and various toppings--almond butter, honey, ricotta, tomatoes, avocados, etc.

kyrie's cookies
Also last week? We made these definitely non-diet cookies (we took a big plate of them to our new neighbors). I plugged the recipe into the "recipe builder" on Weight Watchers and came up with 3 points per cookie (it was almost 4 points per, but the recipe eeked out a half dozen more than I had estimated at first, so it brought down the points to 3.) So high! That's the thing about doing Weight Watchers--it makes you realize how high calorie most food is and that we really should be eating one or two, not six! These were totally delicious and worth every point. Recipe found here.


Kyrie said...

Oh my, those cookies are SO not winning any diet awards. But they are awfully good! :) You are doing an amazing job!

Mary Beth said...

Thank you Kyrie! And thanks so much for sharing such an amazing recipe. A keeper for sure.

Family of 4.... said...

Good for you MaryBeth! I like the avocado and rice cakes. I like rice cakes but they get kind of boring and I love avocado so am trying to find ways to use it (only myself and our 7 yr old like it).

Thank you for posting your WW updates, still on the fence about joining but getting close to doing it. It helps to see you are doing it and my husband and I would do it so it would be good for us to do it together to be accountable.


Heather said...

I have been loving this recipe:

Santa Fe Chicken

I make burritos out of it using the whole wheat olive oil tortilla from Trader Joes(4 points) with a dollop of light sour cream and a sprinkle of light cheese(1-2 points depending on how generous you are). I use about 3/4 of a serving of the chicken (3 points) and sautee vegetables to go in it with a bit of soy sauce instead of oil (0 points). It is a HUGE burrito and is about 8-9 points. SO GOOD!

Sarah said...

I'd love a plate of those cookies right now! YUM! Glad you're finding so many delicious ways to consume your points :)

saraelise said...

Congratulations on your weight loss!! How is the new point system? I heard they revamped it.

Also, Kyrie's cookies are seriously the best. Sometimes I substitute currants for the chocolate and they are also amazing- just not as awesomely decadent!