Tuesday, October 11, 2011

thrifted + new

thrifted (skirt) + new (top)

In honor of Faith's new style blog, I thought I'd post an outfit too. This is a new blouse that I got on sale last weekend paired with a corduroy thrifted skirt. The skirt is vintage Gap (from the 90's maybe) and although you can't see it in the photo it has some visual interest to it from seaming near the hemline. The boots are new, from my mom. Thanks, mom!

thrifted (skirt) + new (top)

Who is your favorite style blogger? I like Kendi.

and I love any outfit that Joslyn posts

I'd love to hear your recommendations!


Faith said...

I really like this top Mama. My friends all want to go thrifting to get stuff for our halloween costumes!

Shelley said...

Great blouse! Your daughter is adorable.

Jen05 said...

Your daughter is so cute!

I like Audrey from Putting Me Together, http://www.puttingmetogether.com/
Her outfits are cute but accessible, and she gives lots of ideas on how to rework what you already own.

Sarah said...

ohhh..is vintage really from the 90's? I have sooo many vintage items then!

Mary Beth said...

Sarah--why not? The 90's feel so long ago (at least to me)!