Monday, October 24, 2011

hello monday!

pears with strawberry guavas
Hello Monday!
Hello birthday celebrating and feeling light and hopeful.
Hello making the table look pretty and enjoying bright fall colors.

playing in the park
Hello pleasantly warm days.
Hello playing in the park and taking a swim at the pool.
Hello snuggly story times with boys on the comfy couch.
Hello playing with new toys and being super excited.

time for pears
Hello fall pears.
Hello strawberry guavas from the yard.
Hello apple slices every day for a snack.

the november magazines are coming in
Hello browsing the Thanksgiving issues.
Hello coffee at home with frothed milk in a favorite mug.
Hello planning Thanksgiving and looking forward to seeing the teens in a few weeks.

pumpkin spice latte
Hello first pumpkin-spice latte of the season.
Hello ordering it with half the syrup to save on calories.
Hello fun quick coffee date with Ken.

rainer turns 5!
Hello parent-teacher conferences (both boys are doing great and their teachers love them).
Hello trying not to eat too many birthday leftovers.
Hello new week. I feel refreshed and ready for you.

Linking up with Lisa on this Monday morning. What are you saying hello to?


nicole said...

Fall pears...aren't they divine right now.

Faith said...

we have strawberry guavas?? and I'm SO excited for thanksgiving. I've been eating a lot more than usual here (freshman 15) but the food is subpar so Thanksgiving will be CRAZAY. I'm thinking of coming down on the tuesday if core is canceled.

Mary Beth said...

Hey Faith. Yes, we have stawberry guavas but they are kind of tart and seedy. LOVE them as decorations though (see the top photo). I only wish we would still have them at Christmas! Looking forward to TG here too!