Monday, October 31, 2011

hello monday! {linking up with lisa}

minimal halloween decorating
Hello Monday!
Hello Halloween and trick or treating
Hello little boy with a fever who will have to miss his Kindergarten costume parade :(
Hello green pumpkin visiting us tonight and leaving stacks of books for the little boys
Hello start of November and turning the calendar page

halloween preparations

Hello piles of laundry clean, but not folded
Hello frantically trying to get the house in order and plan the soup party (it's next weekend!)
Hello another full week of work but looking forward to a holiday coming up in a couple weeks
Hello last week of dark mornings and driving to work in the dark (I like that)
Hello turning the clocks back next weekend
Hello new week!

I'm linking up with Lisa today for Hello Monday.
What are you saying hello to this Monday?


Hannah Joy said...

Hello gas leak in car, hello three year old with high fever, hello five year old with horrible nit terrors, hello no sleep for anyone, hello messy house....did I miss something?

Happy Halloween!

Rain said...

Hello 12" of snow.
Hello little baby who thinks 15 minute naps are fun.
Hello new knitting project on double pointed needles.
Hello clutter, I'm determined to kick your butt!
Hello 16 year old daughter with no more braces, her first job & checking account all in one week.
Hello breakfast at diner with husband who had day off from school because they lost power due to said storm.

Sarah said...

I love these Hello monday post - so fun :) Hope your week goes great!