Saturday, September 10, 2011

what's on your september mood board?

what's on your september mood board?

what's on your september mood board?

what's on your september mood board?

what's on your september mood board?

I got a chance to totally clean off and re-do my inspiration board in the studio, and it felt SO good. Even though the change of seasons is subtle here, especially in the fall, I do so love to honor them in little ways that I can. In doing this moodboard, I felt drawn to images of home and domesticity, children's rooms, fall dressing, and late summer produce.

Feeling and doing in September this year . . .
  • hot days and cool nights
  • back to school
  • lots of produce coming in from the yard
  • new school supplies and shoes for the boys
  • shorter days
  • Weight Watchers and a walking program for me
  • moving out the teens
How is your September shaping up so far?


M. Meyers said...

Looking forward to your WW experiences. I've been following the program for about 7 years. I'm liking the new Points Plus program. Good luck! I'm always inspired by your desire to eat simply and healthily. You can make a bowl of beans and plate of sliced fruit sound and look so yummy!

The Wool Fairy said...

Well, I don't have a mood board, but now I want one! Love yours. Is it just a magnetic board? Do you get most of your ideas from magazines. This looks like a fun, simple and fairly quick project I just might have to add to my list.

Thanks for the inspiration!

Kelly said...

this totally reminds me that i wanted to get an inspiration board going - thanks for inspiring with your inspiration ;) also, thinking of doing some WW here as well as these baby pounds are just sticking like glue. You find it works I take it?

Kaylovesvintage said...

looks wonderful,enjoy september

Melissa said...

September has always been a favorite month of mine. This year is taking it's toll, however. I also started WW for round two last week. Good luck!

Rambling Heather said...

Oooh share more about the mood board, sounds awesome!

Mary Beth said...

M. Meyers--thank you!

The Wool Fairy--it's a magnetic chalkboard. Most of the pictures come from either magazines, catalogs, or were printed out from the internet.

Kelly--yes. I did it after Rainer was born and I lost 11 lbs! Wish I had kept it up.

Rambling Heather--it's just a place to put images and sometime words that are inspiring you. I find it quite relaxing and encouraging.